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 [GUIDE]Skin Modifications

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PostSubject: [GUIDE]Skin Modifications   Wed Apr 08, 2009 5:37 am

Hello all.

you can visit
and download any of the themes you are about to see.


Abomination Theme by: Khal

Oldschool by: TheThink

Red Osmium Theme by: Alfarjamie

Osmium Theme by: ?

Blue Mithril by: ?

French Mafia by: TheThink


Devil May Cry Skin by: ?

Vampire Skin by XtraMagic

Nature Theme by Fuzzor

Old Scroll Skin by Xaero

Red Glass Theme by Kaishin

Those are the themes i know of.
Again, they are available at the site i mentioned above

Installation is easy. i will post a detailed guide, with images, to show you how to install.

Step 1

~Find your Cabal Online folder. which is usually located in
C:\Program Files\Cabal\

Then Right click it and Copy the folder, and then just simply paste it in My Documents so you have a backup.

Step 2

~Extract your theme into My Documents into a seperate folder.

Step 3

~Open the extracted theme, and then open the folder inside of it called "UI", highlight and copy all of the files inside of that folder.

Step 4

~Go back to your CabalHailey folder which is usually located at
C:\Program Files\Cabal\

And open the folder called "Data", then in that folder open the folder called "UI".

Right click inside of that folder and click paste.
It will then tell you that certain files already exist, and would you like to Overwrite them. Simply click "Yes to All" , Note: Vista users, press YES and check off the box that says "Use this Answer For All", and then your all done.

Login to CabalHailey, and open your Inventory, Buddy List, Guild List, Options Menu, Character Information, and make sure everything is working good.

NOTE: If you download a theme that has something other then the UI Folder inside of it, just read through the steps and follow them according to the names of the folders.

I Hope this helps those you want a new skin/theme/hud.
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PostSubject: Re: [GUIDE]Skin Modifications   Mon Apr 13, 2009 8:54 pm

Nice work guy.
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[GUIDE]Skin Modifications
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